Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Jeff Buckley - Forget Her

How cool to find Jeff Buckley AND Paris in the same video? Forget Her is an amazing Buckley song that was supposed to be on Grace. It was replaced at the last minute by Dream Brother which Jeff thought was a better fit with the rest of the album. The studio track was later released on Grace (Legacy Edition) (2004) and So Real (2007) (there is a rare live audio performance of the song floating around the interweb) (lyrics in the comments as usual)

Monday, July 30, 2007


In conjunction with the just-released Simpsons movie, this new website turns you into you own unique Simpsons character (you just need to upload a picture, here's the result with mine on the left which is not too far from reality...). Just saw the movie yesterday (it was a rainy sunday New York afternoon) and it's a treat for every Simpsons fan. After that many years on the air (18) a tv show is not a tv show anymore, it becomes a cornerstone of pop-culture. And if the tv show in itself might not be as funny as it used to be. the transition to the big screen totally revitalized the Simpsons family and had me laughing for a good part of the movie (something which is usually pretty hard to accomplish for a movie...). So, d'oh!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hearing Problems

Oh Alberto... you were so close this time...

Random Paris

Okay... I don't want my hometown to be jealous, so here's a pic of Paris from my old bedroom window.

Random New York

(East Village, 5am)
Nothing like wandering in Manhattan at 5am, when (most of) the city is still asleep, in this short period of time when it's not really night anymore and not day yet. (well, perhaps Paris at 5am too... even more so when you add the early smell coming from the corner bakery)