Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snowy Central Park

Taken this morning during my jogging in the park, from the Castle overlooking the (snowy) Big Lawn and the (frozen) lake.


Anonymous said...

Belles photos mais pour moi qui vient de me balader juste avec un pull au bord de mer cet après midi (Sète), je dirai juste : AGLAGLAAAA

Tony said...

craneuse :) J'aime bien la neige blanche immaculée de Central Park, par contre celle qui s'accumule le long des trottoirs commence a devenir un peu crasseuse...

Clementine Gallot said...

qui fait du jogging par un temps pareil ??!

Jonathan said...

I don't speak French. If my girlfriend makes her way over here though, I'm sure she can join in the conversation.

With that said, great pictures. I hope to make my way back to NYC someday soon.

Tony said...

moi, mais je dois etre un peu maso parfois... ;-)

don't worry it's a bilingual blog (but you might learn some french here too :) ) and Pennsylvania isn't that far from NYC