Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nasa News

Space Shuttle Discovery launch is a go for tonight at 9:35pm EST!
At least for now... as there's a 60% chance of cancellation due to weather. The 12-days STS-116 mission consists in rewiring a few cables on the International Space Station and connect it to the new solar panels truss structure.
Watch the liftoff live tonight on NasaTV.

Is there still liquid water on Mars?
We knew there was still iced water on Mars. But liquid water??? A recent comparative study of photographies taken 6 years appart revealed new sediments deposited in two gullies by what appears to be liquid water. And who says water says...

In other sad martian news, Mars Global Surveyor(MGS) has probably finished its life as no attempt to re-establish communications with the spacecraft succeeded. MGS was the longest (10 years) and most successful mission orbiting Mars as it returned more than 248,000 pictures of the Red Planet to Earth.

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