Friday, December 08, 2006

Nasa News

Space Shuttle Discovery liftoff, supposed to take place yesterday, has been delayed until tomorrow Saturday, Dec. 9 at 8:47PM EST due to poor weather conditions over Florida (and over NY for that matter, it's fraking cold this morning).
Watch the liftoff Saturday night live on NasaTV.


Jo Ann said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. :)
Something to look forward to this evening. I don't watch much television, so I couldn't come up with a favorite program on the other post. ;)

herve said...

It must be really great to see that, but through your very own eyes, not on television :) Hi Jo Ann, happy to see you here once again! Bye for now :) Oh, Jo Ann, they put a link to Vinvin's blog on onegoodmove! He's getting famous all across the globe!

Jo Ann said...

Hi Hervé!

Yes, I noticed that Norm (onegoodmove) posted a link to Cyrille's vlog! He's the perfect ambassador for France. :) I want so much for him to be interviewed by Jon Stewart - that would be too cool!

Well, I watched on the Internet the takeoff last night as well as the views from the space station. This wasn't even covered much on non-satellite television. I guess that going into space is just considered ho-hum these days. :/

Tony said...

>Herve and Jo Ann:
Yes indeed the blogospher is a small world :) (I too agree that Vinvin would make a good addition to Jon Stewart's crew)
The shuttle just docked to the International Station, some amazing views too! NasaTV will cover the whole thing for the duration of the mission.

Joel Reynolds said...

Hey Tony

I didn't comment on this earlier, but Lost is my favourite show - but I agree with your few complaints about it - they are pretty slow at dishing out answers, but I still keep tuning in, so I guess they're doing something right!
Take care,

Reflex said...

ça doit être passionant de travailler à la Nasa :)

Tony said...

I guess if we had all the answers for the mysteries in 'Lost' we wouldn't be so addicted and we wouldn't be coming back on the island week after week. Now we have to wait until February... ;) Are you in Season 3 in Canada too?
c'est en effet tres fun et interessant surtout quand on est entoure par des tas de gens passionnant (et passionnes!) dont le seul but est de faire avancer notre connaissance de notre petite planete et de notre petit Univers

Jo Ann said...

Happy Winter Solstice Tony, and Happy Summer Solstice to our friends in the southern hemisphere. :D

Tony said...

Hey Jo Ann!
thank you for your good thoughts (sorry for the delay!)