Thursday, August 17, 2006

Freedom fries no more...

So as it turns out, as of august 2nd, 2006, freedom fries and freedom toast are now called again french fries and french toast!

What was in my humble opionion the House of Representatives greatest achievement under the Bush administration has been turned into ashes... fried ashes that is.

Ohio Representative Bob Ney and North Carolina Representative Walter Jones (both republicans) devised back in 2003 (when tensions between the US and french governments were at their highest) the important legislation to change food products names in the House Cafeteria from french fries and french toast to Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast.

Michigan Rep. Vernon J. Ehlers (a republican too) took it upon himself to overturn the legislature and to make fries and toast officialy french again.

A few years ago back in LA, an... agitated republican guy asked me if I wasn't pissed off that french fries and toasts had now to be called something else. I just replied him that if the only synonymous word they could find to replace "french" was "freedom"... well that was fine by me.

(by the way french fries are actually from Belgium and the first time I had french toast was in the US... interestingly enough french kissing is really french).


Anonymous said...

Joli texte. J'adore ce genre d'illustration de la devise Shadock : Il vaut mieux concentrer son intelligence sur des conneries que concentrer sa connerie sur des choses intelligentes.
Tant que Bush s'occupe de frites et de bretzel, nous sommes sauvés.

Trey Givens said...

I thought the same thing when they changed the names to "freedom fries!" I figured that French people should be complimented by it.

But I had a French friend to whom I joked about it and explained that he should be flattered that the Republicans have effectively made France and Freedom synonyms, but he would have none of it.

He was gravely insulted by the whole notion and thought I was mocking him.

Tony said...

Yeah apparently even the congressman behind the change in name regrets it now...