Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Welcome to my world!

Hello/salut and welcome to my brand new blog!
If you're here it's either that:

a) I know you and I sent you the link


b) you were just browsing and found this by luck(?) (oh and btw you have too much time on your hands)

I started this blog because a lot of my friends back in France were asking me to describe what life's like in New York City. So I'll try my best to keep you up-to-date to the latest trends in the Big Apple lifestyle. I'll probably also use this space to review my favorite new albums, movies, restaurants or just for rants ;-p

Anyway, old (a) or new (b) friends, make yourself here at home, help yourself in the fridge, let me know what you think or just say hello and let's just enjoy the ride together!



kamala said...


I found your blog yesterday, so I hadn't the link. I'm a new friend.

I love travel, and I want to know things about other countries. Besides, I can practice my english with you (I'm spanish girl).

I'll be here with you ;-)


Anonymous said...

Allez allez....attention! Contre attaque.

Anonymous said...

génial !
un blog exceprêt pour les copains français qui vont être très heureux d'avoir de tes nouvelles par ce biais, au pardon, par ce blog.
Bises Tony et à bientôt

Anonymous said...

Juste un petit coucou d'une Périgourdine a qui tu manques, bises

Tony said...

Hmmm... a "Perigourdine"? I don't know that many... welcome to my virtual home Cecile ;-) As well as Kamala and Magali!