Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Improve your Firefox

A list of very useful extensions and themes (all of them compatible with the brand new Firefox 2, which is still better imho than the new Internet Explorer 7) to customize and improve your internet browsing:

  • DictionnarySearch: looks up selected word in an online dictionary
  • ForecastFox: get international weather forecast and displays it in status bar or any toolbar
  • Foxmarks: synchronizes your bookmarks across machines
  • GooglePreview: inserts web site previews in google and yahoo search results
  • IE View: open pages in Internet Explorer via Firefox menu
  • Image Zoom: adds zoom functionality for images
  • Map+: view a map of selected address
  • Tab Catalog: shows thumbnail-style catalog of tabs
  • Tabbrowser Preferences: enhances control over some aspects of tabbed browsing
  • DownThemAll: download manager/accerlerator
  • Sage: lightweight RSS/Atom newsfeed reader/aggregator
Here's also a list of cool themes compatible with Firefox 2: Noia, iPox, Aluminium Kai and iFox. There are tons and tons of other extensions and themes available on the Firefox add-ons website.


TwisterMc said...

Thanks for mentioning iPox. I'm glad you like it. :)

Tony said...

You're welcome TwisterMc, nice job! it's definitively one of the best theme out there

Fred from Toulouse said...

Don't forget DownThemAll, Tony. It makes you download 2 or 3 times faster.
Great job, great blog.

Scott said...

merci! c'est super bon.

Tony said...

Salut mon Fredo! and welcome to my personal blogosphere! thx for your advice, I updated the list :-)

de nada

mariapiaw said...

bonjour Tony,
recente adepte de Firefox, j ai le probleme inverse, mes liens s ouvrent systematiquement avec Explorer, dont je voudrais me debarrasser. Comment faire pour que mes liens ne s ouvrent qu avec Firefox? Une idee?
ravie de decouvrir ton blog.

Tony said...

Hello mariapiaw! bienvenue dans ce coin de la blogosphere :)
1) dans le menu Tools/Options verifie que la case devant "Always check to see if Firefox is the main browser on start-up" est cochee (c'est dans l'onglet "Main")
2) dans le menu "demarrer" (si tu es sur un PC Windows) clique sur "Configuere les programmes par defaut" tu peux choisir quel est le navigateur par defaut dans la rubrique "Personalisee"

fais moi savoir si ca marche! :)