Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Midterm elections (updated update)

It's this time of the year again! Votes recount days are coming! The people have put the Democrats back in charge of the House, and--as of this writing--are two seats away from retaking the Senate.

Hearing people talking on the subway or at a coffee shop, most of them seemed rather suprised and happy about the Dems victory, but then again we're in NY...

A good news never coming alone, Bush just announced Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resignation.

It's raining today outside. But it's a nice day.

UPDATE: it's now 50-49 for the Democrats as they just won Montana. Only one race left in Virginia where Jim Webb leads by 3,000 votes over the prett much racist republican Sen. George Allen. In case Webb is declared winner of this race, Democrates will have control over both houses.

UPDATE 2: and done. Now the Congress is in the hand of the Dems. Hopefully they'll know what to do with it. A nice day indeed. ;-)

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