Monday, November 27, 2006

Must see TV, fall '06

Although I don't watch much TV during summer, it can be nice to get addicted to a few good tv shows especially during the long and cold winter nights. And that might includes evil cylons, a cheerleader, a serial killer, a few refugees and other new yorkers:

1) & 2) Battlestar Galactica (SciFi, Fridays at 9pm) and Heroes (NBC, Mondays at 9pm): in a close tie, my two favorite shows these days, Battlestar Galactica (BSG in short) is a post-9/11 re-imagining of the late-70s scifi series following the last survivors of the human race on their quest to planet... Earth. More than a scifi show, BSG is an extremely well crafted, well acted (Mary McDowell and James Edward Olmos as President Laura Roslin and Admiral William Adama are fantastic!!) drama that happens to take place in space. Heroes, the new (only?) hit show on NBC, is basically a superhero comic-book on tv filled with high-octane tightly written plots and attaching human characters, regular people all over the world discover their new talents (a time/space binding Japanese office worker, an indestructible cheerleader, a telepathic cop, a dual-personality hooker, a flying corrupt congressman, ...) and their place in the universe. Save the cheerleader, save the world!

3) Dexter (Showtime, Sundays at 10pm) Dexter is a brand new show starring Michael C. Hall (David from Six Feet Under, one of my favorite character from my favorite show but then again was there any character I didn't love on this show?) as forensic expert (just like in CSI) Dexter who happens to be... a serial killer. But a good one. You see, Dexter has urges, urges to kill and his late adoptive father, a cop, taught him how to canalize these urges to do some good and get rid of people (criminals, other serial killers) that the justice system or police won't deal with. The show takes place in the sweaty, dirty side of Miami and Michael C. Hall is brilliant as usual.

4) Lost (ABC, Wednesdays at 9pm): still good, still too many questions unanswered (but there of course lays the genius of the show), a few answered ones (why the plane crashed, who are the Others) and while a bit slow in the first seven episode of this mini-season 3, the show ended on a cliffhanger and resumes in February with 15 episodes in a row

5) How I Met Your Mother (CBS, Mondays at 8pm): a good ol' fashioned sitcom a la Friends about love and life in New York City. Not really original but funny. Plus the characters live in a building a block away from mine (on w75th St.) which adds to the list of sitcoms taking place on the Upper West Side: Seinfeld and Mad About You (both at 129 w81st St), Sex and the City (Charlotte lives at 275 Central Park West) or Will & Grace (both living at 155 Riverside Drive).

What about you? What are your favorite shows these days?


nicolas said...

Hey Tony !
I'm definitely addicted to Brothers & Sisters (ABC), which I admit was slightly better at the beginning than now, and which of course doesn't reach the quality of Six Feet Under - but it's still powerful sometimes, exhilarating or dark.

Jerome ITU said...

I just had a post about TV serieson ITU !

Since I'm not in the US anymore, it's difficult to stay in touch.

I still have to watch the second part of Battlestar Galactica Season 2, which, nedless to say, is my favorite show ever.

I like Nip/Tuck too. And 24.

Well, I should talk about the series I don't like. It will be shorter !

TomateCerise said...

Interessant! Merci pour les conseils je pense que je vais aller voir ce que "How I met your mother" donne...

Tony said...

>Nicolas: never watched "Brothers & Sisters" but I heard good things about it plus it features the lovely Callista Flockart (Ally McBeal). And could anything reach the quality of 'Six Feet Under"???

>Jerome: Hey Jerome, BSG season 2.5 is great... but wait until what they have in stores for season 3!!! Season 6 of 24 (starting in january for 24 episoded in a row) should be interesting too as it will leads to "24: The Movie" (which will be 24-hour long movie... or not)

>Tomatecerise: tu peux regarder quelques episodes de "How I Met Your Mother" (or "HIMYM" as I like to call it) on CBS website :)